Brick & Mortar Webinar Series, Part 3: Building Community From Your Storefront

An overview of the third webinar in our Brick & Mortar series: Building community through your storefront.

We were able to connect with Stella Adena, the founder of Rancho Relaxo. Rancho Relaxo is a boutique based in Rancho Mirage, CA, with 2 locations and an outpost at the Palm Springs airport. Founder Stella is focused heavily on the customer experience and how the storefront is integrated with the natural beauty of the area. We spoke with her about her approach to retail and how to build community through thoughtfully designed storefronts.

Access the webinar here.

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Check out Rancho Relaxo here


Intro 0 - 1:20

What is Rancho Relaxo? 1:20 - 4:24

Inspiration for building your storefront 4:24 - 8:24

Resources, Budget, Time 8:24 - 15:31

Tips and Tricks 15:31 - 27:08

Q&A 27:38 - 34:33

posted May 15, 2023
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