Strategic Marketing for Medical Marijuana Businesses

As a marijuana retailer, strategic marketing is crucial to your business's success. In this article, we'll outline a few aspects of marketing that you should bear in mind when marketing your medical marijuana business.

As a marijuana retailer, strategic marketing is crucial to your business's success. Thinking basically, your website should be mobile-friendly, have a live menu, and offer current specials and information about your locations and hours of operation. Use opt-in forms to send updates to customers by email or SMS. You can also develop educational content to educate customers about cannabis and marijuana products. This way, they'll learn more about what they need to do to make informed decisions about their medical marijuana use. Here are some additional ideas to consider:

Content marketing

Content marketing for medical marijuana businesses is becoming a necessity for this industry. As the average person views more than five thousand advertisements daily, direct sales messages can quickly become overwhelming. Instead, cannabis marketers should focus on developing trust and credibility early in the buyer's journey. Cannabis content must provide value and confidence and be compelling to lure consumers into clicking on links. You may even consider writing about ancillary businesses, like the marketing of Jack Herer Seeds of this company and other popular marijuana strains.

Start a blog

A blog provides a great venue to discuss current trends in the industry. In addition, a blog that features helpful and relevant content will increase web traffic and brand recognition. This also gives you additional content to repurpose, like email marketing. This will boost web traffic and engage customers directly.


A new trend in marketing sponsorships is attracting attention from cannabis brands, as athletes are natural brand ambassadors. However, the problem with this trend is that the marijuana industry is still highly regulated, making it challenging to negotiate sponsorship deals. For example, sports leagues do not approve of marijuana as a dietary supplement. Furthermore, the FDA has not approved full-spectrum CBD as a dietary supplement, which means spokespeople and sponsors cannot claim any health benefits until the industry receives federal approval.

Email marketing

You must be careful if you are considering using email marketing for your medical marijuana business. Since marijuana is illegal on the federal level, some email marketing providers may not accept your business.

Always keep in mind that the volume of emails in users' inboxes increases daily. That is why keeping your email content short, engaging, and informative is crucial. For example, run a medical marijuana dispensary. You could write a monthly newsletter about the effects of marijuana on the human body and the various strains available for specific conditions. To keep your subscribers' attention, make your subject lines as descriptive and exciting as possible.


You'll need a CRM for your business if you are in the medical marijuana industry. This software helps your business grow by building customer loyalty and repeat business. It works to convert one-time buyers into regular customers. Recurring customers spend more than one-half as much as new customers, and their average order size is often higher. Moreover, CRM software can help your business manage inventory and sales better. But before you start using CRM software in your medical marijuana business, you should know more about its advantages and disadvantages.

With a good CRM, you can keep track of your customers. You can track their purchase histories, demographics, and more. It helps you understand their buying habits and preferences. It also eliminates manual processes and enables you to focus on the customer's needs. The benefits of CRM software for your medical marijuana business are many. 

Social media

In addition to creating a website, cannabis retailers can use social media marketing to inform customers about special deals or new products. This strategy can also generate engagement and cross-sells in a saturated market. However, dispensaries should personalize messages and offer valuable content to utilize social media marketing effectively. 

Print media

Unlike pop-up ads, print ads can be seen and remembered for weeks or months. In addition, print media advertising is also an effective alternative to social media and mainstream search engines, which haven't been very supportive of the marijuana industry. The print media is also more flexible and can reach a wide range of adults legally eligible to consume marijuana.

posted August 1, 2022
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