Raise Funds For Your Cafe

Become a community-funded cafe by raising capital from local investors on Mainvest. Hundreds of businesses have raised $30MM to date from community investors on fair terms, and you can be next.

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Mainvest lets your raise funds on your own terms.

Whether you're building a new location, investing in roasting, or upgrading equipment, you can access the funding you need to get your new project brewing. Allow your community to become invested in your success and hit key milestones to be introduced to Mainvest's local and national network of investors.

  • Set your own terms and repay flexibly

  • Access funds within weeks, not months

  • Turn anyone into an investor

  • No upfront fees, credit checks, or personal guarantees

Just sign up, work with us to set terms you're comfortable with, and start raising funds from your community.

Join Dozens of Cafes Raising Millions of Dollars On Mainvest

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Why Revenue Sharing?

Unlike traditional lending, which rarely meets the needs of small businesses, the revenue sharing note offered by Mainvest was purpose-built for brick and mortar businesses. The RSN aligns the incentives of local investors with the success of the business, providing greater support and investment. It's also a more flexible and less restrictive option that offers subordinated debt without requiring personal guarantees.

In short, the revenue sharing note is the better choice for small businesses seeking financial support. Read more about how investment crowdfunding is the future of small business finance here.

  • $30MM raised to date

  • 75+ average investors (and supporters) per raise

  • Subordinated debt plays well with existing forms of capital

  • Commitment to (and experience in) small businesses

Raise funds for your cafe today

As a small business owner, you're a core part of your community. We believe that cafes are important third spaces for communities, and with Mainvest, you can turn that support into accessible funding. We can't wait to learn more about your project.

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Download the Mainvest E-Book

This download includes an intro to Mainvest, information on crowdfunding, the revenue sharing note, and more.