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Mainvest allows you to accept debt-based investment from supporters to start or expand your cultivation or retail project.

Raise money from accredited and non-accredited investors, and repay with a percentage of revenue. Set your own terms, organize investor relations, and raise up to $5MM per year.

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“Mainvest has been there every step of the way. This has been such a powerful way to raise funds and engage the community.”


Raise capital with confidence and without red tape.

We handle SEC filings and escrow accounts, so you can focus on growing your business and exciting investors. We get it, cannabis financing is tricky- but we are here to help.

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Investment from your community
Community investment

Your friends, family, professional network, and customers can become truly invested in your success by receiving revenue sharing notes from your business through Mainvest.

Flexible Repayments
Pay as you grow

Provide investors with a fixed percentage of your revenue each quarter until you’ve paid out their returns—no need to follow a predetermined payment schedule.

Personal guarantee not required
No personal guarantee

We believe that entrepreneurs shouldn’t have to risk their personal financial security when building a business with the support of their community.