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Getting Started with Mainvest

Running a small business is hard work. That's why we've getting started with Mainvest as easy as possible. In this hub, you'll find resources that will help you prepare for your raise that you'll be able to take with you throughout the duration of your business, including:

  • How to build projections

  • Understanding your terms

  • Preparing necessary documents

  • Putting together a beautiful, compelling campaign

In order to help you run a compliant, transparent, and hopefully successful raise, we are required to obtain certain information from you about your business to conduct a fundraise on the platform. You'll also be able to put together a beautiful and professional pitch page to showcase your business and explain your raise.

Have a question and don’t see it covered in this guide? Please reach out to info@mainvest.com ASAP or reach out to your Mainvest agent.

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Understanding How Mainvest Works

Mainvest is different from other funding options, so we've laid out some of the nuts and bolts of how we operate. Regulation Crowdfunding is still quite new, and we believe that this novel funding model will serve the needs of small business owners better than traditional options- so we hope you're excited about pursuing community capital as much as we are.

⚙️ The Revenue Sharing Note

🏛️ Regulations

💵 Financial Requirements

📣 Case Studies

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Planning Your Raise

If you're thinking about starting a Mainvest raise, or have created an account and feeling overwhelmed, read these guides to get a better sense of how you can structure your raise.

📊 How to Build Projections

🔢 Understanding and Building Mainvest Terms

Adding Perks to Your Campaign

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Preparing Required Documentation

In order to file your raise with the SEC, we will need some information from you. Businesses that are well-organized should have these documents on-hand, but even if you don't, we've added in some tips on how to find them. A core value here at Mainvest is transparency, so we want to ensure that you're presenting your business in an accurate light and providing information that's clear for investors to review.

📑 Documents Required to Raise

🏦 Existing Debt & Financial Condition Walkthrough

📕 Legal Terms Glossary

📋 Free Resources (Business Plan, Financial Templates, etc)

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Building Your Pitch Page

Here are some resources to help you present your business in the best light. A fundraising campaign is a great opportunity to audit your current brand and ensure that you have everything in place not just to raise funds, but to have a successful business long-term.

💻 How to Build a Page on Mainvest

🎨 Creating Campaign Content

📲 Social Media Tips: