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Investing in New York Craft Beer

Mainvest and the New York State Brewers Association have partnered to support the local craft brewery ecosystem by allowing the community to invest directly into local breweries while providing access to capital for craft beer entrepreneurs across New York State.

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How It Works: Breweries

  • Sign Up: Join the dozens of breweries that have already worked with Mainvest to secure millions in growth and expansion capital from community investment.

  • Structure Your Raise: Work directly with Mainvest's team supporting from signup, structuring your campaign, seeking investment, and securing funds from your community.

  • Raise Funds: Mobilize your community while gaining access to Mainvest's existing investor network of 30,000+ community investors that have invested in over 500 local businesses across the county.

  • Repay Investors: Quarterly repayments are handled directly through the platform.

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The outlook for breweries in New York State remains strong with more breweries-in-planning than ever, continued barrelage increases and growth in distribution in and out of state. Breweries in New York are enjoying tremendous success with growth rates for NY brewers surpassing national averages. NY brewers are poised to continue making great beer, increasing market share, and creating even more jobs.

The New York State Brewers Association (NYSBA) is a 501 (c)6  and was founded in 2003 to serve as a promotional and legislative proponent for New York State breweries, microbreweries, farm breweries, brewpubs and brewing affiliated businesses.

Breweries that have raised funds on Mainvest

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How It Works: Investors

  • Sign Up: Create an investor profile and you'll be notified when businesses launch in your community.

  • Invest: New regulations allow anyone to invest. Explore terms, learn about the offering and discover risk disclosures. Add local businesses & real estate investment opportunities to your portfolio with just a few clicks. Most businesses target 10-25% returns, paid out quarterly as a share of revenue.

  • Earn Returns: Each quarter, businesses report revenue. Get returns right to your wallet to withdraw or re-invest back into other local businesses.

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Raise funds for your business or be alerted to new investment opportunities in New York breweries.