NY Beer

Investing In New York Craft Beer: Kickoff Webinar

Wednesday, May 31st at 1:00pm (et)

Mainvest and The New York Craft Brewers Association are excited to announce the launch of "Investing In New York Craft Beer," a program aimed at providing capital to New York craft brewers while allowing community to invest directly in local entrepreneurs.

Join The New York Craft Brewers Association and Mainvest to learn more about how the Investing In New York Craft Beer program can help your local craft brewery access the capital you need to expand and grow your business in New York.

Attendees will learn:

  • How regulation crowdfunding works

  • Fundraising strategies employed by 350+ businesses who have raised over $30 million dollars in investment crowdfunding from their communities

  • Determining if Regulation Crowdfunding is right for their business's current or future financial needs

  • The benefits of participating in this partnership program