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Share your unique link with restaurants, bars, shops, and other locally-owned brick and mortar businesses to get them signed up to raise capital on Mainvest. We'll handle the heavy lifting once you make the intro.

Get Rewarded

Get $1,000 cash or $2,000 in investment credit once a business that you refer launches a campaign. Plus, get a custom blog post, access to email and social media shout-outs, and custom offers.

Here's how partners support local businesses with Mainvest

Influencers Connect with the best new restaurants, get them funded, and get exclusive rights to cover their launch to excite your following.
Publishers Share information or reviews about Mainvest, and if your audience signs up, get a cut of the action.
Organizations Get member businesses raising on Mainvest and re-invest into your mission. Ask us about custom offers for your members.
Individuals Get your favorite businesses raising on Mainvest and instantly invest in their success, on us.

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