Mainvest allows anyone to invest in local businesses

Discover local businesses, invest with as little as $100, and receive a share of revenue each quarter as they grow.

Local investment
Invest in small businesses
Investors provide funds to small businesses that are looking to launch or expand.
Revenue sharing note
Get revenue sharing notes
Businesses agree to share revenue with investors until a return is reached, rather than owing interest.
Community investment
Help your portfolio grow
The faster businesses grow, the stronger investor’s returns. Local economies become more resilient.

About the revenue sharing note

Instead of an interest rate, the revenue sharing note has an investment multiple. This is the amount owed to investors, no later than the maturity date.

The rate of return is determined by the business’s gross revenue and the percentage of revenue they share each quarter. Investors receive a greater percentage of the business’s revenue by investing more.

The illustration on the left is hypothetical. Mainvest does not predict or project performance. In the event of default, it is possible that investors will lose some or all of their money. The specific terms of actual investment opportunities vary. Review the investor agreements for more information.

Invest in small businesses

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