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MainVest is an investment marketplace that connects local entrepreneurs with potential investors in their community.

With as little as $100, you can invest in local small businesses. Invest with other members of the community in term loans and revenue sharing notes that help support businesses in your neighborhood, while potentially earning you a financial return. Learn more.

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MainVest takes information security seriously.

MainVest values...


Infusing local businesses with capital from their communities ignites sustainable economic growth providing returns for businesses and investors.


Businesses with investors that care about their success—for social as well as financial reasons—have a strong competitive advantage in the free market.


We will provide disclosures and risk assessment to support informed decision-making for both investors and business owners as specified by FINRA.

For local entrepreneurs

We believe that when a community invests in a business, they do it for more than just money. By raising directly from your community you’re getting more than just the capital you need to execute your dream: you get an active group of people who share in the success and failure of your passion.
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