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Fund entrepreneurs in America with as little as $100

Support the next wave of small business entrepreneurs

With as little as $100, you can invest in local small businesses. Join other members of your community in term loans and revenue sharing notes that help support businesses in your neighborhood, potentially earning you a financial return. Learn more »

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Investing in private companies is a high risk endeavor. Potential returns are designed to reflect that risk and there is no guarantee of return. Learn More

Unlike donation-based crowdfunding, investing through MainVest provides you with the potential for financial returns.

We've built innovative debt instruments that enable better access to capital for small businesses and allow investors to share in their success.

MainVest values...


Small businesses have historically been responsible for more than 60% of new jobs created in the United States. We believe that giving small businesses more options for capital access will help local economies grow.


People should be able to invest in local businesses that enrich their communities, not just their wallets. We think it’s time that businesses have investors that believe in them.


Investments in private businesses are inherently risky and could result in total loss of investment. Click here for more information on the risks of investing in private businesses.

For local entrepreneurs

We believe that when a community invests in a business, they do it for more than just money. By raising directly from your community you’re getting not just the capital you need to execute your dream; you're getting an active group of people who share in the success and failure of your passion.
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