We are revitalizing the
American Dream

Mainvest is an investment platform that connects brick & mortar businesses with investors who care.

We’re reshaping the landscape of small business financing one Main Street at a time.

Our Mission

We believe that communities should control their local economic development and share in the wealth it creates.

National retail chains and e-commerce giants are replacing family-owned, brick & mortar businesses. Big banks on Wall Street are denying a majority of the small business loan applications they receive.1 Those from female2 and minority3 entrepreneurs are less likely to be approved. Meanwhile, real estate developers profit as they rebuild communities instead of those who live there.4

This needs to change. Communities should decide which entrepreneurs get the capital they need to reshape their Main Streets. And members of the community should reap financial rewards when they invest in the entrepreneurs who succeed.

“Our customers made our growth possible, so they should be able to benefit financially from our success.”

—Gordon Sacks

Founder & CEO
9 Miles East
Gordon received $350,000 in investment from his community and others who supported his food venture.

Our Values


We applaud those who take bold risks and do the work necessary to create jobs, generate wealth, and build a stronger society.


Vibrant Main Streets bring people together. Local economies benefit when residents are proud of their neighborhoods.

Social Equity

Qualified entrepreneurs should have access to capital regardless of their race, gender, or religion. We support the American Dream.


All investors should fully understand the terms of their agreements and the risks involved with investing.

The Team

We are dreamers with experience launching disruptive ideas that recreate the way Americans start and operate businesses.

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