Become a referral partner on Mainvest

Refer small businesses to Mainvest for rewards, either as an affiliate or an individual.

As an individual

If you know local businesses that could raise on Mainvest, click here to refer them to our team and get up to $5,000 if they launch a campaign. Terms apply.

As an affiliate

If you have a publication or organization with a small business audience, sign up for an affiliate link to get paid for bringing new businesses to our community. All affiliate posts and advertisements must be approved by our team and are subject to additional terms. Sign up coming soon.

Who do we work with?

Mainvest works with brick and mortar, B2C businesses like restaurants, cafes, and breweries. On occasion, we work with boutiques, independent hotels, distilleries, and wineries, or real estate deals that are looking for a revenue sharing structure. Mainvest does not work with service based companies or tech startups, and has a preference for businesses looking to raise capital with revenue sharing notes. If you are a business looking to raise capital, you can sign up at