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Fund your small business with community support.

As a small business, you know the importance of community. It's time for you to access the funding and resources you deserve. Mainvest allows you to engage your community to raise the money you need on a faster timeline with better terms.

  • Join a community of hundreds of local founders

  • Turn your supporters into investors while accessing our network of 30k+ users

  • Flexible terms without high interest rates, dilution, or personal guarantees

  • Purpose-built for Main Street small businesses

hinoya curry founders

"After the successful opening of our first brick and mortar curry shop in San Francisco, we knew that we had to accelerate our growth and expand by opening new shops in new, hungry markets. As a startup, we were unable to demonstrate the kind of financial history required by traditional banks for short-term loans.

However, in just six short weeks, Mainvest helped us raise a tidy sum of immediate working capital, so we could build out our second location across the street from UC Berkeley. We were able to obtain short-term liquidity with fair payback terms without having to relinquish any equity in our business."

Barry Louie, COO, and Thomas Uehara, CEO

Hinoya Curry and Nippon Curry raised over $215,000 from community investors on Mainvest.

A better way to build your business.

Set your small business up for long-term success with fair and flexible funding that creates brand awareness and loyalty.

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Set your own terms

Unlike traditional financing, work directly with Mainvest to set terms that work for you. Instead of an interest rate, you’re sharing a percentage of your revenue, so repayments scale with your growth. We'll sit down, talk through your finances, and figure out what works for you- not for us.

  • No dilution, credit checks, or collateral required

  • Subordinated debt plays well with other forms of capital

  • Flexible repayments may improve business outcomes

  • Custom terms, including investor perks

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Raise capital from your community

Amplify your campaign to reach investors and supporters while promoting your brand. Generate buzz, engage with supporters, customers, and new investors, and take on investment easily. Turn investors into long-term supporters: over 50% of investors report recommending portfolio businesses to their friends.

  • All-in-one platform makes the process simple

  • 1:1, best-in-class support

  • Comprehensive offering profile

  • Customized marketing & press strategy

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Put your capital to work

Get your funds seamlessly, sometimes even before your round closes. Repayments don’t start until revenue generation does, so you can focus on growth. Investors are financially incentivized to support your brand long-term. We continue to provide 1:1 support along the way.

  • Investor relations tools built-in

  • Consolidated, subordinated debt works for a long-term capital strategy

  • Quarterly repayments that scale with growth

  • Long-term partnership and co-marketing opportunities

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Backed by community, built by you.

For too long, small businesses have struggled to access capital while institutional capital has only benefitted a small proportion of entrepreneurs. We’re empowering small businesses to raise the capital they need from the communities that support them, enabling everyday investors to finally have a say in local economic development.