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Access to Capital That Increases Customer Loyalty

Get a loan from your community, not from a big bank.

We get it. Cashflow can be difficult for small businesses. Whether you’re getting your dream business off the ground or taking your existing business to the next level, you need money. And the big banks don’t always make things easier.

That’s why we built MainVest. MainVest is a regulation crowdfunding portal that connects you with potential investors in your community: think Kickstarter, but for small business loans.

MainVest helps you not just raise the funds you need for your business, but simultaneously engage a group of investors who—unlike a bank—can become loyal customers. Additionally, revenue-based debt financing incentivizes investors to help your business succeed.

Interested? We know time is the most important resource for an entrepreneur, so let's hop on the phone for 15 minutes to see if MainVest can help you raise capital.

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Ask Small Business Bob...

Why haven't I heard of something like this before?

Crowdfunding platforms have existed for a while. But only since recent changes in government regulations can American businesses be funded by everyday investors who have the potential to share in the businesses' success through financial returns.
Small Business Bob

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