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MainVest for Investors

Support Main Street Without Leaving Your Desk

Invest in Main Street, not Wall Street.

We empower Americans to invest in local businesses in and around their communities. Drive economic growth, create jobs, and revitalize the small business economy. Evaluate investment opportunities from real businesses in your area and invest as little as $100 in the ones you believe in.

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Why should I invest with MainVest?

Invest with Impact

Participate in your community like never before. Invest in businesses in your community. Help spread the word about the businesses you've invested in and potentially generate greater returns for yourself as they grow and prosper.

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Donations Debt

Unlike traditional crowdfunding, investments through MainVest provide the opportunity for financial returns. We've built innovative debt instruments to enable better access to capital for small businesses and give investors ways to profit from their investments.

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Risk and Return

Investing in private companies is a high risk endeavor. There is no guarantee of return and many small businesses aren’t able to succeed. While potential returns are designed to reflect that risk, it’s important to fully understand the risks before investing.

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