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Proof Bread, Mesa AZ

Our Vetting Process

Mainvest has a responsibility to protect investors. Learn why only 5% of businesses that sign up for our platform are chosen to raise.

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Make informed investment decisions based on your own interests and strategy. Invest based on location, industry, and risk appetite. Easily compare terms and qualitative data.

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*All investments contain risk, including the risk of total loss. Mainvest does not guarantee that any particular investment will generate a return.
Image of Ferndale Project, Ferndale MI, a vetted business on Mainvest
Ferndale Project, Ferndale MI

Tap into a new kind of investment

Small business crowdfunding was made legal in 2015 by the regulation crowdfunding model. This has empowered hundreds of entrepreneurs on Mainvest and brought thousands of investors impactful returns.

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Image of Ivyees Honey, Boston MA, a vetted business on Mainvest
Ivyees Honey, Boston MA

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We pride ourselves on working with innovative, community-driven founders building businesses in your backyard and across the country. Meet some of the entrepreneurs who pursued their dreams with the help of Mainvest.

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